Relative Weather

A weather app in relative terms

With Supi you can see the weather in relative terms - most people don't know what 12°C feels like or how windy 20m/s wind is, however, most people know what it felt like yesterday, so why not phrase it in terms of that?

See today's and tomorrow's weather in terms you can relate to. If you needed a coat yesterday, will you need a coat today? Should you wear shorts like yesterday, or will that small wind have picked up to something more fierce?

We show you what you want - the weather in real terms, so you can plan your days easily. Add our app to your homescreen on iPhone by clicking the bookmark icon and 'add to homescreen', or on your Android device by clicking 'Add to homescreen' in the menu or by bookmarking and then long-pressing the bookmark and selecting 'Add to homescreen'.

Supi is a weather app that uses today's weather, yesterday's weather and tomorrow's weather to calculate how the weather feels relative to today or yesterday. Other weather apps usually just show you things in terms of numbers, but we've done one better